ESP: Nosotros somos una empresa localizada en Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, que se dedica a creacion de mapas para navegacion GPS en toda la Republica Dominicana. Estamos orgullosos de tener a Usted en nuestra pagina y tambien estamos honrados a ofertarle los mejores mapas existentes en el mercado para sus navegadores GPS. Actualmente tenemos disponible plataformas Garmin y Android. Si tiene preguntas acerca de otras plataformas, contactanos!
  ENG: We are a the company located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which is dedicated to creating maps for GPS navigation throughout the Dominican Republic. We are proud to have you in our site and we are also honored to offer you the best GPS maps ever on the market for your GPS devices. Currently we have Garmin and Android platforms. If you have questions about other platforms, please contact us!
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  Detailed digital Dominican Republic GPS maps for Garmin, GPS maps of Dominican Republic are developed by SolCity WID S.A. and verified on the spot. We constantly improve and update maps on the territory of Dominican Republic so you can be sure that you are buying the best available all Garmin, and other GPS units devices, GPS maps of Republica Dominicana.
  Our all Garmin, and other GPS units devices, GPS maps allow to make routing and search by address that is why your trip will be cozy and safe. Our GPS maps of Dominican Republic work on any devices Garmin.
  Due to the construction of new roads and building of new objects new tracks and updates are added to the maps.
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  Maps Solcity WID SA of Dominican Republic can be installed on any device using the data format all Garmin, and other GPS units devices. Our GPS maps of Dominican Republic work on any devices Garmin.
  Solcity WID SA - international  holding company,  operating  in different  countries -  the EU, the U.S.,  the Caribbean.  Business:  real estate,  selling land,  tourism, property management, cartography,  geology,  architecture, registering and  protecting copyrights. The company is a member of the BSA and  ABA.

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   GPS map Dominican Republic for Windows XP

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