Trip from Barahona to the Lago Enriquillo (a crocodile lake).

Road quality: Asphalt route of varying bumpiness. Points on our Garmin Dominican Maps detailed with cities: National Park – the entrance to the National Park, where you can hire a boat to reach the island Isla Cabritos – an island inhabited by iguanas. Kamping Place – a wonderful place on the seacost, where you can cook barbecue Guarocuya Hotel – a hotel in Barahona, the first line; reasonably priced and decent enough Description: When leaving Barahona, you will see a part of the remaining railroad. It was formerly employed by the passenger train service; now, it is only used to transport cane to a near sugar mill. The track presents one of the two routes between Barahona and the lake with crocodiles and iguanas. This region belongs to the National Park. Two iguana species, Iguana Rinoceronte and Iguana Ricordi, naturally inhabit this place. Therewith, the latter is endemic and entered into the International Red Book as an endangered species (less than 2,000 animals remain in nature). You may see iguanas as early as you approach the lake along the road. Moreover, there are special signs “Caution! Iguanas crossing the road!” The iguanas avoid people, since the natives hunt them for food or because of the superstition that they are dangerous for the livestock. Though, within the National Park iguanas are protected; you will see totally different iguanas, as they come to people in hope of treat. There, the tourists and the Park employees entertain them with fruit (sometimes they simply feed out of hand). Though, there you can see Rhinoceros Iguanas only. To meet the Iguanas Ricordi, you will need a boat to get to Isla Cabritos, an island in the center of the lake (the boat costs 3,500 pesos, i.e. almost 100 dollars; it can transport up to 15

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