Garmin Dominican Republic map with cities

Garmin Dominican Republic and Haiti Maps

SolCity inc. provides detailed and still the best GPS map of the Dominican Republic and Haiti for Garmin devices. Our maps include all the cities and countrysides (Map of Punta Cana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Samana, Puerto Plata, among them). More than 135 thousand of Points Of Interest, more than 96 thousand of streets. This Dominican Republic GPS maps are designed for professionals by professionals. Recommended by Garmin USA. Used by: Dominican President, 911, Police, Ambulances, Military.
+Free updates.
+Turn by turn directions
+NO monthly payments
+Instant download
+Works with all Garmin devices.

Paying with PayPal o credit card.

(87 US$)

Wanna try before buying? No problem, you can write us for obtaining Dominican Republic GPS maps free for Windows PC.
We also have offline GPS application for Android with full maps of Dominican Republic and Haiti (12 US$).

Map of the Dominican Republic

Free Dominican Republic GPS maps

All right! SolCity Navegacion Dominicana Road & Street maps Republica Dominicana

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