GPS Garmin maps of Dominican Republic & Haiti, used by Dominican President

GPS Gamrin Dominican Maps of Dominican Repulbic & Haiti

This Garmin Dominican Republic maps are compatible with all Garmin devices, including most popular models, such as: 310xt; 500; Dakota; 800; 62s; 305; 200; 405; 410; Foretrex 401; Nuvi 200, etc.
Our Dominican Republic maps include all the cities:
2 countries: Dominican Republic & Haiti GPS maps for Garmin.
If you already have a GPS Dominican map in your Garmin, that`s a time to change it for a really good detailed Dominican Republic & Haiti Garmin maps of SolCity company. Our maps are used by: President of Dominican Republic; 911; Ambulances; Firefighters; Police and Military . Even Garmin LTD recommends our maps, just call them 🙂
We also have Android GPS Maps of Dominican Republic & Haiti (offline gps app). Write us, and we will send you a free Dominican Republic map for Windows computer.

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Bueno, como ya estoy por aqui, que mas tiene la compania SolCity Navegacion Dominicana?

+Mapas para Garmin,
+Mapa Dominicano para computadora Windows (Gratis),
+Navegador GPS completo de 7 pulgadas (5,000 $RD),
+La aplicacion GPS con mapa Dominicano para Android (500 RD$), todas las ciudades, incluyendo: Mapa Santo Domingo, Mapa Santiago, Mapa Puerto Plata, mapa La Vega.

All right! SolCity Navegacion Dominicana Road & Street maps Republica Dominicana

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